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Bed & Breakfast B&B In Famiglia
Via Chiaverano, 16
10010 Cascinetted'Ivrea - Torino

Opening All year round
Position Town Center
N° Rooms 3
N° of beds 6

TV in room hairdryer heating Park / garden private parking Wi-Fi free parking Non-smoking rooms Proximity to public transportation Dogs not allowed
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All rooms have a balcony
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Bed & Breakfast B&B In Famiglia


We are located in a small quiet town, where our guests can find the pleasure of hospitality, savor the taste of a splendid landscape in every season. Discover a corner of Piedmont rich in culture, traditions and typical products certainly far from commonplace. Lakes, rivers, vineyards, castles and the whole Morainic Amphitheater frame us. for sports enthusiasts there is plenty of choice. Canoe in the splendid natural stadium of the Dora Baltea. Climbing in the climbing walls of Val Chiusella. Hang gliding descents from Cavallaria. Horseback riding on the Via Francigena at the foot of the Serra Morenica and much more.

Available Rooms

  • Double room Matrimoniale

  • Triple room standard