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Aparthotel Piazza Castello Suite
Piazza Castello 153
10122 Torino - Torino

Opening All year round
Position City center
N° Rooms 7
N° of beds 17

TV in room Telephone in room Air conditioning in room hairdryer In-room safe heating Sat TV Elevator access for disabled Small pets allowed Wi-Fi bar Non-smoking rooms Rooms with bath / shower Proximity to public transportation information
Other services
Kettle, Nespresso coffee maker, snacks and a 1,5 liter water bottle are free.
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Aparthotel Piazza Castello Suite


Castle Square Suite, the newly designed Aparthotel is located in the town center, right in the town center, in Castle Square 153, living and pulsating heart of the town. Located in an eighteenth century noble building, elegantly furnished, overlooking the marvels of the square, such as Royal Palace, Government Palace, Royal Theatre, Armory and Royal Library, Madama Palace, it offers seven personalized accommodation solutions, four with a kitchen area. A unique and special location, like no other.

Available Rooms

  • Apartment for 1 Suite with balcony

  • Apartment for 2 Suite with balcony