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Guest House Casa del Grande Vecchio
Via Roma, 83
10060 Airasca - Torino

Opening From 01/01/2021 to 16/02/2021 – from 22/04 to 30/09 – 01/11 al 31/12
Position Historical center
N° Rooms 2
N° of beds 6

Guest House Casa del Grande Vecchio


The Casa del Grande Vecchio guest house offers two bedrooms on the first floor, a double and a quadruple room with independent bathrooms and air conditioning. We offer tranquility, intimacy and relaxation, a large garden with saltarello and barbeque available to customers. Internal parking.

Available Rooms

  • Single room Margherita

  • Single room Rosa

  • Double room Margherita

  • Double room Rosa

  • Triple room Margherita

  • Four bedded-room Margherita